Guest info

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below;


Please don’t unplug or switch-off the radiators as they are programmed to keep a steady temperature throughout the cottage, throughout the year. If you would like the temperature adjusted, please contact us via mobile or text, and we will do this remotely for you for the duration of your stay.

If you need to dry towels or clothes indoors, please use the bathroom towel rails and press the 1 hour button (twice for 2 hours) for instant heat. Please keep the towel rails at the lowest heat setting otherwise.


Cutlery is in a small pull-out drawer in the top drawer cupboard, to the left of the oven.

Hot water

There is a large, efficient hot water tank in the cupboard next to the en-suite bathroom that heats up overnight. If you need more hot water, there is an immersion switch (the unlabelled switch nearest the door) which you can turn on for an hour, or until the hot water is replenished. Please switch off again after use.


There is a Freeview TV in the living room which has an integrated DVD player. A Chromecast unit (Norcot1) is connected via the HDMI port.


Password for the Wifi is on the bottom of the wireless router. Note that low-level internet filters are in place to protect children.

Washing and garden

The shed door labelled No.1 houses your washing machine and tumble dryer. There’s a washing line for drying clothes. This, and the raised decking are for your exclusive use, although we share the rear pathway access with our neighbours in Norcott 2. Please keep noise to a minimum on the decking after 10pm.

Log burner

In the colder months, you may like to use the log-burner. Please only use heat logs – some will be provided for your stay. Use the fireguard and ensure you keep children a safe distance away from the burner as it will get very hot. Follow these instructions carefully – more detailed instructions are in the property file;

  • Undo the spin wheel on the burner door, pull out the air wash control fully
  • Use firelighters and kindling wood to start the fire
  • Introduce heat log briquettes as the fire takes hold
  • Shut the spin wheel on the door and control the fire using the air wash control slide

Storm board

There is a storm board for the front door. Please could you ensure that it is inserted firmly in place when you leave the property at the end of your stay and during stormy weather and spring tides.


Please use the bin bags provided and place in the plastic bins (marked No.1) at the rear of the property – they will be collected at the end of your stay.